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What's Next For Us

Hello Friends! I am SO sorry for not being active. Unfortunately, my computer broke and I haven't been able to fix it. But now that's all behind us and it's time to tell you what's happened in that time and what's new for Small Paw!

  1. We have a TikTok! @small_paw411

  2. We have a new member! Athena Nina! (not her real last name) She'll be a part of our website design team.

  3. We have a Pinterest! I ( Elyse Fancy Pants) will be posting my hamster, Mickey!

  4. We are working on our official Small Paw Logo!

  5. We'll start posting updates on all our pets! (not just the tiny fury ones)

Have a most wonderful day!

Love, Elyse Fancy Pants

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