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Things to note before adopting/getting mice

Hello friends! Today, I'll be listing 15 things you should note before getting mice

  1. Mice are very active little animals

  2. They are most active in the evenings

  3. Female mice need a friend or two

  4. Surprisingly, they are quite noisy

  5. Mice can become overweight easily

  6. Mice can be smelly (Males more than females)

  7. They need lots of space in their cage

  8. Mice need an appropriate wheel (Non-wired, at least eight inches)

  9. Mice are MESSY

  10. Mice are quite smart

  11. Unlike cartoons, cheese shouldn't be fed every day

  12. Don't expect your mice to be friendly immediately

  13. Mice do need an appropriate amount of bedding ( at least 8 inches)

  14. Mice are quite sensitive to smells, so don't use candles around them

  15. Mice aren't for everyone

I hope this helped! Leave any questions in the comments!

Have a fancy day :)

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