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Things to know before getting a rat!

Updated: Feb 18

Now, I know rats aren't very popular, but the few who have them or who plan on adopting some should read this!

  • Rats are not solitary

    • Unlike Hamsters, Rats need to be with a friend of the same gender or it can lead to problems such as depression and/or abnormal behavioral problems

  • Good rat care is pricy!

    •  Please don't get a rat if you don't want to spend money on them

  • Rats require a lot of attention

    • Please don't get a rat if you can't give them enough attention.

  • Rats require around an hour outside of their house.

  • Rats need a big house (looking at you PetSmart👀)

  • Rats have A LOT of children! you probably don't want to get rats of the opposite gender unless you want lots of rat babies.

Overall, rat care is something that is overlooked in many situations, however, if done correctly it can lead to a wonderful life for your rats.

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