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Hi everyone! Today, I'll be sharing my favorite Amazon products for different animals!

Before I begin, Amazon has many wrong products mixed in with the good ones, so make sure you know what you're buying! Amazon is a staple in online shopping, so it is essential to understand what you purchase and not become too dependent on online consumerism.


My favorite product for chinchillas has to be Alfalfa Hay. I don't have an excellent reason for alfalfa to be my favorite besides its safe, soft (more than most), and fresh scent.

Guinea Pigs

I absolutely love GuineaDad hideouts. They are so cute and aesthetic. Even better, they are safe and easy to clean, and your friend can use them to sleep, hide, or chew!


I LOVE Niteangel products! They have fantastic hamster, gerbil, rabbit, guinea pig, and chinchilla products! Their products are of great quality and aesthetically pleasing. I love all the treats! These treats come in Timothy hay, apple sticks, and bamboo.


Another Niteangel Product! Niteangel has the most hamster products so I can say many things. My favorite has to be the sand bath. Most sand baths I can find are too small, but this one is a great size for many friends.

Rats and Mice

Usually, I'd be annoyed with grouping rats and mice, but this product is excellent for both of them. The Mazuri Rat and Mouse Diet is also safe for hamsters. ( My hamster Mickey loves it! )


Not all animals like the same thing as others, your friend may not like my suggestions. If you have questions or want to share anything, talk to us in the comments! Bye!

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