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Substrates :)

Hello friends! Today I'll be talking about the different substrates for hamsters.

Bedding choices:

When choosing your hamster's bedding, you should choose one that is unscented, not dusty, and holds together well. You may think, "How do I find one that holds together well if I can't feel it?" Some good options are Kaytee Clean and Cosy, Carefresh, and Oxbow Pure Comfort. While these are pretty good beddings, they are not perfect. If you find it's not holding together well, try alfalfa hay, orchard grass hay, or timothy hay mixed into the bedding. Aspen bedding is also usually a good option.

Coconut Fiber:

Coconut fiber is an excellent substrate to have, along with bedding. It provides a different texture and is very enriching for the hamster.


Hemp is a hay-like substrate that provides different enriching factors. My hamster loves to dig and forage through it.


Moss is a very unique thing to have in your hamster's enclosure. I wouldn't call it a substrate, but more of a topper. I don't use moss, but I know people who do, and it seems like their hamsters enjoy it.

Even though having different substrates is suitable for your hamster's well-being, you should always have at least 8 inches of bedding in your enclosure. Of course, there are other substrates, so feel free to ask us about them!

Lots of love, Elyse

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