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Pet Updates!

Hi! Today, some of our friends at small paw (people who have pets) will be pitching in to tell you about their pet!

Elyse: So, I have two pets. A cat named Mango and a hamster named Mickey. Mango is absolutely adorable, and he loves to go outside for walks. Mickey is quite sassy and loves to pose for photos. I love them both, and I plan on getting another hamster soon(ish)

Athena: Hi! This is still Elyse because I'm writing this blog, but I will talk about Athena's pets. Athena has two puppies, Jasper and Chloe. Jasper is the one who looks like a very old man, and Chloe is the one who does not look like an old man.

Lexi: Elyse again! Hello there! Lexi has three pets. A dog named Nika and two cats named Kiki and Kato. They are undoubtedly adorable!! Kiki and Kato recently had a Christmas photoshoot (photos are shown below)

And there you have it! Please comment or visit our TikTok or Pinterest page if you want to know more! Bye!

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