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Hi friends, today I'll be talking about hibernation. I'm talking about this because of a viral TikTok about a girl who said her hamster was hibernating.

Q: Do hamsters hibernate?

A: No, hamsters don't hibernate, but they are sensitive to cold temperatures

Q: Do mice hibernate?

A: No, mice don't hibernate, but they can have unpredictable sleeping patterns

Q: Do rats hibernate?

A: No, rats don't hibernate

Q: Do rabbits hibernate?

A: No, rabbits don't hibernate

Q: Do ferrets hibernate?

A: In the wild, ferrets would hibernate, but in captivity, ferrets will adust to the owner's sleeping schedule.

Q: Do Chinchillas hibernate?

A: No chinchillas dont hibernate.

Q: Do gerbils hibernate?

A: Gerbils may hibernate if they get too cold, but if you touch them they should still be warm.

I hope this blog was helpful! Remember that even though our friends don't hibernate, you need to be mindful of the temperature. 68-75 should be good, not too hot, not too cold.

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