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Guinea Pigs! (part 1)

Hey Friends! Today I'll be talking about guinea pigs! So, guinea pigs are pretty difficult to take care of. They need lots of floor space and are social animals.

A guinea pig's diet is complicated. Since they can't produce their own vitamin C, you have to give them special pellets. They should have unlimited hay and water available to them at all times. I would recommend having daily fruits and veggies. About one cup per guinea pig will do.

Your guinea pigs, either free-roaming or just having a big cage, is best for housing. I would be careful with free-roaming because guinea pigs poop everywhere. They should have plenty of hides, toys, and bedding (not cedar! it's a tad bit VERY toxic). I think if you want two floors, that's up to you, but remember to make it safe and not too high.

I will post a part 2 soon! Have a lovey day full of magic!

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