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Gerbil care!

  • Gerbils need at least 360 square inches (around a 20 gallon fish tank) for a pair

  • For gerbils bigger is always better for a enclosure

  • Gerbils need lots of enrichment

  • Gerbils are social animals! Please get two!

  • Please only get gerbils from an adoption center

  • Please try to get siblings

  • Gerbils will burrow A LOT! Please put at least 6 inches of bedding! They will spread it how they want it!

  • Please, from the very bottom of my heart, don't bathe them in water! Please get a sand bath!

  • Change the water every day!

  • Get a wheel that is at least eight inches

  • Don't give gerbils food that has dyes, sugar or too much fat.

  • Please remember Gerbils are not hamsters. They may be similar but they are not the same.

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