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Common Myths and Misconceptions

Hi there! Today Im going to debunk some common myths and misconceptions for our friends.

  • Rats and mice LOVE cheese.

While I'm sure they love to eat cheese, cheese is not suitable for them.

  • Rabbits only live for 2-3 years.

Rabbits can live for 7-11 years (hehe, see what I did there? 7-11 like the store. hehe, I'm so funny)

  • Mice are super aggressive.

Mice can be very friendly. Not all of them, though. Lots of mouse owners have outstanding bonds with their mice.

  • To cool off your chinchilla, use a fan.

Fans will only work if the chinchilla is sweating, but the thing is, chinchillas don't sweat. So fans won't cool them off in the hot summer

  • Ferrets must be caged.

Like a cat or dog, ferrets can run about your house. Just remember to ferret-proof your home first.

  • Gerbils are herbivors

Much like hamsters, gerbils are also omnivores. Meaning they eat both meat and veggies.

  • Hamsters climb the bars of their cage for fun.

While it is cute, when hamsters do this, it is a sign of stress. Hamsters generally do this when the cage is too small.

I hope this has informed you! Have a wonderful day!

Love, Elyse Fancy Pants

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