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Boredom Breakers!

Like everyone, hamsters love to play and hate being bored. To keep your furry friend happy, here are two boredom breakers!

  1. The Cardboard Craze

    1. For this boredom breaker, you need cardboard and a hamster treat.

    2. First you need to fill the cardboard with the treat and fold it up.

    3. Give it to your little friend and keep him/her entertained

2. Paper towel Party

a. For this boredom breaker, you need a paper towel and a hamster treat

b. Grab your paper towel and put the treat in the middle

c. Fold and tie with a string

d. Give to your furry friend and watch your hamster be adorable

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Mar 15, 2021

My Hamster Loves his homemade toys!!!

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