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Hamsters- The basics

Updated: Feb 18

Hamsters (and all that Jazz✌️)

The proper care for hamsters is very important. Hamsters need enough room for at least 6 inches of bedding, a sand bath, at least an eight-inch wheel, a hideout, and a clean water bottle or bowl. My hamster lives in a 689-square-inch cage, with 12 inches of bedding to sleep in. Remember, your hamster needs to have lots of care and attention. Contrary to popular belief, hamsters are not the "perfect beginner pet"

There is a lot that goes unsaid, you need to do a weekly health check, change and clean the bedding at least once every two weeks, and clean the water every day.


Q: What should I do if my hamster is pregnant?

A: Contact a vet

Q: What should I do if my hamster bites me?

A: Hamster bites are usually not harmful, but wash your hands and disinfect the affected area.

Q: How do I hold a hamster?

A: Very gently! Always pick them up with both hands and wait for them to be comfortable with you and your scent.

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